Agnieszka Tarasiuk, owner of ARWII SCALP is well known Master Artist in Scalp Micropigmentation. She is a specialist in customer relations as well as a business trainer. She graduated from the field of business communication and was working for several years for Bank of Ireland.

Over 3 years ago, searching for her destiny, ARWII began her career in the world of micropigmentation. By sacrificing her personal life and turning it completely upside down, she soon achieved what some people have been working for years. ARWII is Master and Head Trainer of scalp micropigmentation, both male and female. She runs her ARWII SCALP Clinic as well as ARWII ACADEMY, where she shares her knowledge and skills in scalp micropigmentation. ARWII was hailed in April 2019 in Orlando, the best European Artist in the World of Scalp Micropigmentation. She also received the Silver Statuette and thus the second place in the category of Best International Artist in the SMP World, at the award ceremony by Team Micro in London, May 2019. Currently, ARWII was honoured at the Miami conference in June 2019 and received the “Rising Star” statuette in the SMP World. ARWII is also the author of an article in a medical newspaper, a speaker at conferences and fairs in Europe and the United States. In addition to her own academy, ARWII SCALP also belongs to the international LEADERS Coaching Academy – and provide trainings around the World. On a stage with LEADERS in Brazil.